Addiction is a complex brain disease. Like Dr. Richard Amato says, "Once you become a pickle you cannot be a cucumber."

While all of us have had our challenges, having the handicap of the brain disease of addiction is one of the saddest, deadly diseases known to man. Addiction often leads to institutions, jail, and death.

Substances have become a problem when an addict’s life has become unmanageable. Most people do not understand addiction and many will judge those who are addicted.

However, most addicts are very intelligent, sensitive, deeply emotional and intuitive people. And some addicts are known for having a sixth sense. Rest assured, there are answers to managing this disease.

We see that humans afflicted with addiction are treatable and curable one day at a time and in fact become the most productive members of any country and any culture by getting help from a recovery program that works.

We have experts here waiting to help those with the brain disease of addiction realize their dreams.


Codependency is a helping disease. While all of us have our challenges, the handicap of codependency is one of the most destructive diseases to self-esteem. Codependent’s live through the challenges of helping other people. They are addicted to not only monitoring how people behave but also how other people feel about them.

The life of a codependent becomes unmanageable when they become obsessed with controlling others, especially those with the brain disease of addiction. Codependents are always taking care of the needs of others but lack care for themselves.

Codependents can be some of the most nurturing, compassionate, sensitive, caring people on the face of the earth. While codependency can definitely leave us handicapped we can all recover by getting involved in a program that works. We have experts waiting to help codependents as well as their families experience realized dreams.