About Us

It is a fact that all humans have been conditioned in childhood and this has had both a positive and negative impact on all of our lives. Most of us don’t see things for what they really are. Here at Dream-Believe, we are here to go with our clients as they go through a transformation process of getting rid of the old way of thinking and become reconditioned to a new way of thinking, as they accept their worth and realize their dreams!

Non-Profit Counseling Center

Dream, Believe... Transforming Lives Corporation has been granted federal tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) status. Donations can be made on the donation page to help those who need counseling who cannot afford it. 

We believe everyone deserves a chance to heal, believe in their worth and see their dreams realized.

What We Offer

Dream, Believe... Transforming Lives Counseling offers a cognitive, behavioral approach to mental health counseling for families, couples and individuals who are dealing with difficult issues such as depression, addiction, marriage issues or any other issue may that inhibit them from achieving their dreams. We believe those who understand their worth can dream, believe and become productive, healthy members of society.

 We are turning pain into purpose!